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While it is not unusual to find a common housefly in your home from time to time, it can be very disturbing to discover a bedbug infestation. Bed bugs will overtake your home within a few short days, which is why it is so important to take immediate action. Many homeowners fail to realize the devastation of a bedbug infestation. Believe it or not, this infestation will lead to loss of furniture, bed linen, and money, if you are not very careful.

Unwanted Stuffed Animals

Many adults have children living in their homes, with children comes a lot of toys. Stuffed animals, bed linen, mattresses, and fabric furniture make a great hiding place for bedbugs. Of course, you do not want to be forced to toss these items in the trash, just because they are filled with bed bugs. Well, you will not need to, if you take the necessary steps to eradicate the infestation, before it gets much worse. If you no longer utilize these items, you may want to toss them in a plastic bad and transport it to the dumpster.

Professional Extermination Services

One of the first decisions that you will need to make is whether or not to hire a professional extermination service provider. Many homeowners will immediately take action, by heading to the home improvement store. Here, you will find an array of pesticide brands that are effective in eradicating bedbugs. You may need to invest in a couple of extra cans, because you will probably need to repeat the treatment several times. Every consumer is aware of the fact that over-the-counter pesticides are not as effective as commercial brands.

Many people feel that the DIY treatment option will be much cheaper than hiring a bed bug pest control company in Louisville, KY. Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception. You may only need to spend $50-100 on over-the-counter pesticides for the first treatment. However, the pesticides are genuinely not powerful enough to eradicate all of the pests. Basically, this means that you are going to need to continue treating the infestation until every last bedbug is eradicated.

Exploring Bed Bug Canines

Bed bugs are one of the hardest critters to eliminate and they are even harder to spot in the home. The only true way to know that your home is infested by bed bugs is if you are able to capture a sample of the bug. Due to their adept hiding skills, small size, and feeding times, these bugs can be extremely hard to spot. For years professional companies have been using interception devices and active monitors. These devices are great, but the only downside is that sometimes they take 2 to 4 weeks, before you can actually catch a bug to show proof that the home is infested.


Many companies are looking for a faster and more effective ways to spot an infestation. This is why they are turning to specially trained dogs that can sniff out bed bugs. In fact, there have been many cases in which these dogs have been used and were proven to detect effectively.


As mentioned above, sometimes the DIY treatment will not be the cheapest option. You will need to consider the severity of your infestation, before making your decision. In the long run, you may potentially save yourself a lot of time, stress, and money, just by hiring a professional exterminator. bed bug pest control company in Louisville, KY

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