Eco-Friendly Treatments

With the technology available today, more and more eco-friendly options are being presented to homeowners. Not only this, but homeowners are growing more and more aware of the need for eco-friendly options. There is no doubt that chemical pesticides have had an adverse effect on the environment. There has been plenty of proof of this over the last couple of years. Not only also such pesticides harmful to the environment, but they can affect you, your family, and your pet’s health negatively. No one wants to purposely put their family in danger.

All this being said, such harmful pesticides have been proven to be effective at eradicating bed bugs. What’s even worse is, there was a time when pesticides were the only option for bed bug treatment. Because of this, there aren’t that many homeowners aware of the fact that there are now alternatives available. Alternatives that are not only much, much safer, but chemical-free alternatives that are highly effective. Want to learn more about these treatments and how you can take advantage of them? 

Keep Children And Pets Safe: Eco-Green Pest Control

Anyone that has pets or children in the home or infected area has an invested interest in eco-friendly pest management solutions. Amongst the eco-friendly treatments available today, it’s the heat treatments, cryonite, and organic material treatments that are the most effective. These are probably also the most well-known.

Unfortunately, greener options are going to mean spending more green, but can you really put a price on keeping your family and environment safe? That peace of mind can make all the difference in the world. Combine this with the fact that eco-friendly is the more effective pest management approach, and it should make you feel that much better about your decision. If pets and children are a major concern for you, you’ll want to go eco-friendly. However, just remember, you do always have the option of evacuating the home for a safe amount of time.

Pest Control Options That Are Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly options have been scientifically proven to be more effective than pesticides. Louisville pest management professionals offer a variety of eco-friendly treatments that are not only effective but safer for your children and family. As was mentioned above, some of the options are not limited to, but include:

Cryonite treatment solutions

Thermal heat treatment solutions

Steam treatments

All you have to do is, reach out to a Louisville provider and he or she will discuss your available options. After a proper assessment of the home, a qualified professional can better help advise as to how you should proceed. While there are tons of eco-friendly options available and they have proven to be more effective, it doesn’t mean that every specific treatment will work for your specific situation. While heat treatment has been proven to be more effective than steam, it doesn’t necessarily mean that heat treatment solutions are the better option for you.

This is something that a Louisville pest management professional can go over with you. After a proper assessment of the area, the professional will be able to present you with a variety of the best options to proceed. It’ll be likely that there will be more than one option available, so it will be up to you to decide how you want to proceed. A pest management pro can only do so much.

Pest Control Follow-Ups

Whether you are dealing with bed bugs, bumblebees, fleas, or carpenter ants, you’ll want a pest management company that’s diligent. One of the best ways to know that you are dealing with a diligent company is whether or not they schedule follow-up treatments. As a matter of fact, there are some pests that require multiple treatments to eradicate, bed bugs being one such pest. A lot of Louisville professionals schedule follow-up visits within 30 days of treatments just to make sure that the infestation has been completely eradicated. Not only does this show integrity, but it shows a willingness to work with the customer.

Bed bug treatments usually require two or more treatments. Most companies will usually come back a month after initial treatment just to make sure they have effectively eliminated your problems. Always choose a Louisville pest management professional that won’t leave you in the dust. Work with one, you can foster a thriving and budding business relationship with.

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