Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

If you’ve learned anything about bed bugs thus far, you’ve likely learned that they are one of the hardest pests in the world to deal with. This is especially true when it comes to eliminating them. And, this is because they are so cryptic. They can blend in with your everyday belongings, come out and feed on you, go back into hiding, and you’ll be none the wiser. Some people don’t even know they’ve been fed on because they don’t have allergic reactions. This is why if you suspect you are dealing with a bed bug problem, you’re going to need to know where to start looking.

The Most Common Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Mattresses And Box Springs

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that bed bugs like to take of residence in the bed, hence the name. This is one of the most popular places for bed bugs and it’s because it puts them close to their food source. In addition to this, they are attracted to the human body heat and expelled CO2.

Cracked Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames can be naturally beautiful, but that wood will crack and splinter over time. There is nothing wrong with this, as it can add to the natural beauty of the product. However, it also creates the perfect hiding spot for bed bugs. Whether it is the headboards or footboards, bed bugs will stuff their bodies into some of the smallest and most unimaginable spaces.


It should be no big surprise that bed bugs are also going to be found in your linen and bedding. If they are going to take up residence in your mattress and box springs, why wouldn’t they get into your bedding? They do and they will. The only good thing about having bed bugs in your bedding is, it makes them easier to locate. Look for reddish-brown spots on your sheets. This can be an indication of fecal matter or squashed bugs during feeding.

Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets might not seem like ideal hiding places for bed bugs, and this is because they aren’t. They certainly aren’t the critter’s number one choice when it comes to living quarters, but they will use them more residence. Most rugs and carpets offer just enough protection where bed bugs will feel safe and at home.

Couches And Furniture

How many stories have you heard about someone bringing an infested couch or chair into their home? Too many, but the sad truth of the matter is, 90 percent of these stories are true. Furniture items are one of the bed bug’s go-to hiding places and this is because they offer a thousand different little hiding spaces within one big hiding space. Just think of all the spaces that a bed bug can hide in a couch. They can hide under the cushions, under the armrests, deep in the headrests, under the legs, and so on.

Spots You Might Not Think To Look

The spots that were mentioned above are just some of the common places for bed bugs. There are tons of other places that they will take up residence if forced to. These might not be the bed bug’s first choice of residence, but knowing these hiding places could be the difference between eliminating an infestation and letting it linger.


More and more people are getting infested while on vacation. And, a lot of this has to do with the bed bug’s love for the luggage. A piece of luggage really is like a piece of furniture or bed frame. It offers thousands of different little hiding spots within one big spot. Knowing how to apply the SLEEP theory is one of the best ways to eliminate your chances of bringing home these critters with you when traveling.

Wall Decor And Paintings

There are some paintings and wall decorations that can tie a room together. Just hope that piece isn’t one infected with bed bugs. That’s right, these critters will take up residence in paintings and wall decorations. This might make you think twice about purchasing used photos.


You might want to read about bed bugs, but you certainly don’t want to open a book and have them jump off the pages. Unfortunately, this is something that can happen, as bed bugs will choose to hide in books. That being said, they usually like to burrow deep into the spines, rather than on the pages.


Does it come as a surprise that bed bugs would take up residence in a nightstand? Once again, these items offer thousands of hiding spaces within one and are usually located in the bedroom. With their deep, dark crevices, they offer the perfect breeding and living conditions for your average bed bug.


An average home today is filled with hundreds of electronics. What’s even more troubling is, most of these electronics are essential for the everyday running of life. Think about your computer, iPad, or smartphone. How would you fair without these items? Likely not too good, and this is why it can be extremely troubling to learn that bed bugs can burrow deep into these items. Bed bugs will take up residence in your favorite electronics and potentially short them out. Something no owner wants to hear these days. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by learning exactly how to react when you suspect you are dealing with an infestation.