Heat Treatment

There is no denying that bed bugs are extremely resilient insects. They are probably one of the most resilient insects out there. However, they don’t possess one ounce of the resiliency that Louisville pest management professionals possess. 

Louisville pest management professionals not only possess a standard arsenal of tools for dealing with such troublesome critters but there are some that offer full thermal heat treatments, which have been proven to be one of the most effective solutions when it comes to deal with bed bugs today.

How Exactly Does Heat Treatments Kill Bed Bugs?

As most people would probably assume, heat treatment has to do with heat. Specifically, raising the temperature in the home. If you know anything about bed bugs, you know they can’t survive when exposed to specific amounts of heat. The theory is to raise the entirety of the home above this temperature. The number one benefit of a treatment like this is, it reaches 100% of the home. Behind walls, inside electrical outlets, and under mattresses. It doesn’t matter where bud bugs are hiding, they won’t be able to escape these rising temperatures. The only way for a bed bug to survive a threat like this is by escaping the home.

Since this type of heat is capable of permeating every crack and crevice in the home, it has proven to be one of the most effective available today. It also kills bed bug eggs, which is not something that can be said about a lot of other treatments available these days. Standard heat treatment involves raising the temperature in the space to above 140-degrees F. These temperatures and above will dry out bed bugs. It dehydrates their bodies and within hours of exposure, they’ll die. There are simply no compromises.

The Most Effective Option Available

Most Louisville pest management professionals will guarantee their work, but you have to apply a little common sense. Some treatment methods are just more foolproof than others. Heat being one of the better options available today because there is simply little no escape from it. When exposed to heat like this there are only two options for a bed bug: escape or die.

Monitoring The Heat In The Home

When all said and done, it is the heat that kills out the bed bugs. No chemicals or anything else. Just the heat exposure. This is why it is imperative to maintain 140-degrees F or hotter during this treatment. This is why pest management professionals set up special thermostats throughout the treated spaces and monitor the temperatures during treatment. At 140-degrees F for 2 hours or more, no bed bug will survive.

The key to a successful heat treatment is to sustain extremely high temperatures consistently without any fluctuations. This will ensure that all bugs will be eradicated, regardless if they are hiding or not.

Evacuating The Home During Treatment

There are always downsides to specific bed bug treatments. Some treatments offer specific advantages and disadvantages while others offer a whole different set. Heat treatments are not different. To start, they are one of the most effective forms of treatment available today. They’ll kill bed bugs and their eggs, regardless of where they are hiding. In electrical outlets, behind baseboards, under mattresses, it won’t matter. The heat will reach the bugs and kill them out after 2 hours of exposure.

That being said, there are some downsides to the heat treatment. One major downside is that it exposes the home and its contents to extreme amounts of heat. Not only is this dangerous to some of the items in the home, but it can be dangerous to the residents. This is why it is best to undergo a treatment like this when the home will be unoccupied.

Of course, today’s top Louisville pest management professionals will assist you in any manner they can. Whether you just have more questions and concerns about the treatment or you are ready to schedule your appointment, they’ll be there to assist. Most pest management professionals are pretty accommodating and will work around your schedule.

All you have to do is reach out to one of the local providers and they’ll assist you in any manner they can. Most Louisville pest management professionals just care about getting your bed bug problems taken care of before they get worse because if left unattended, they will get much worse.

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