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Professional Carpenter Bee Pest Control Louisville KY

The carpenter bee is a stinging insect, with only the female having a stinger. Contrary to belief, the male carpenter bee is just as, if not more dangerous than the female, without a stinger. When the male feels threatened, instead of utilizing a stinger, he will dart toward the predator. This is a very common behavior among both male and female carpenter bees. A timid demeanor keeps the female from stinging as often as honeybees, yellowjackets, and hornets.

These solitary insects do not colonize. However, the female is known to share her nest with other females. Carpenter bees tunnel through decaying and untreated wood structures, such as deck railing, porch posts, mailboxes, and birdhouses. The tunnels are utilized to house the eggs and adults when they come to the end of their lives.

Why Is My Property Under A Carpenter Bee Attack?

Carpenter bees generally have one thing in mind when trying to take over someone’s property. Nesting is an important component of carpenter bee reproduction. The tunnel provides the female a safe place to build her nest and lay her eggs, as well as the eggs to hatch and larvae to mature.

The adult grows up to 1.5 inches in length, making the carpenter bee one of the larger species of stinging insects.

Carpenter bees build their nests in the side of sheds, downed trees, standing trees, garages, porches, decks, abandoned buildings, and birdhouses.

Do Carpenter Bees Pose A Danger To Children And Dogs?

Yes, carpenter bees are extremely dangerous, especially when young children and dogs are involved. Small breeds are instigators, making them the bigger target of the carpenter bee. Even though young children and canines mean no harm to the young, adult carpenter bees see them as a threat no matter what. Before you know it, the carpenter bees will physically attack the children and dogs because they see them as a threat.

Carpenter bees cause minor to moderate structural damage to impacted wood structures. The majority of the damage is contributed to the insect’s biggest predator – the woodpecker. The bird can hear the carpenter bee larvae hidden in their nest, immediately getting to work pecking away at the tunnel entrance.

What Is The Safest Way To Eradicate A Carpenter Bee Couple And their Larvae?

Professional pest control is the best and safest way to exterminate carpenter bees and their larvae. Our professional carpenter bee management utilizes a visual inspection and an industrial-grade insecticide. We believe this combination will offer maximum results in the shortest period of time without compromising the integrity of the client’s property.

If you would like to know more about our professional carpenter bee management, do not hesitate to reach out to our Louisville extermination team. We offer free inspection via appointment to all residents and businesses in the city.

Do Exterminators Recommend Over-The-Counter Insecticides For Carpenter Bee Problems?

No, we never recommend DIY pest control for stinging insect infiltration. We believe the carpenter bee and other species of stinging insects are extremely dangerous. Even though the male lacks a stinger and the female rarely utilizes her stinger, everyone entering the area where the nest is located will be in danger.

We highly recommend keeping children and animals away from carpenter bees and their nests. Unfortunately, the carpenter bee nest is one of the most difficult to detect. In fact, someone could unknowingly walk right past a carpenter bee nest. Until the adults make their presence, it will be impossible to know you have put yourself in extreme danger. At this point, your only option will be to slowly walk away without making any sudden moves.

Are Exterminators Careful When Utilizing Chemical-Based Pesticides?

Yes, exterminators are fully trained to avoid all health and environmental risks related to chemical pesticides. One precaution, our exterminators take prior to each chemical pesticide treatment is to clear the impacted area. Keeping the area clear of humans and animals will eliminate all unnecessary exposure risks.

Our exterminators are required to complete an annual chemical pesticide safety training course. The course touches on new safety gear and methods utilized by the top extermination companies worldwide to protect consumers and the environment from harmful chemical exposure.

In addition to our employee safety training, our pest control product line includes only EPA-approved brands. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees pesticide manufacturing and sales in the United States. Obtaining EPA approval takes years to achieve success.

What Can I Do To Protect My Property From A Repeat Carpenter Bee infiltration?

The first step is to remove all decaying wood structures from your property. Once the first step is complete, we suggest targeting all untreated wood structures with an exterior varnish or paint. A layer of protectant will make the once untreated wood structures less attractive to carpenter bees.

We do not recommend do-it-yourself pest control when dealing with carpenter bees. Even though, carpenter bees are social insects does not mean they are any less dangerous than hornets, wasps, yellowjackets, and fire ants, all of which are extremely dangerous stinging insect species.

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We are a locally owned and operated pest control company based in the heart of Louisville. We serve all property owners, tenants, landlords, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations throughout the city. We have a long history of delivering speedy carpenter bee management service, without compromising the outcome.

Our exterminators are licensed by the State of Kentucky. We specialize in carpenter bee extermination, which requires experts skills, safety equipment, and an industrial-strength pesticide to ensure maximum results.

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