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Professional Ant Pest Control Louisville KY

The ant is part of the Formicidae family, identified by a unique internal organ, known as the metapleural gland. The gland plays a role in the survival of the ant colony, acting as a repellent for enemy ant colonies. Once you are able to identify an ant, it should be a breeze in the future. Regardless if you do not experience another encounter years on down the road, you should be able to identify the ant in seconds. Ants have unique bodies that are segmented into three individual parts – head, thorax, and gaster. The gaster is the lower section that houses the ant’s digestive system, heart, and stinger. Small joints connect each individual part together to create the ant’s body.

Why Are Ants Infiltrating My Pantry?

Ants colonize to ensure the maximum longevity of their species. Solitary insects face more risks when it comes to every aspect of survival. Foraging for food is riskier because the insect is working alone. Fighting off predatory animals and other insect species is also risky because the insect is working alone. The ant, on the other hand, is working in groups, foraging for food, erecting underground tunnels, and collecting debris – granules of sand, feces, clay, leaves, and soil – for building nests.

It is not unusual for two, three, four, or more colonies of ants to be set up in the same vicinity. Workers from all colonies are working hard, erecting underground tunneling systems to keep their queens and young safe.

With so many mouths to feed, worker ants have to continuously forage for food. When one or more enemy ant colonies are housed in the same vicinity, food becomes scarce, forcing ants to look elsewhere. Small exterior-to-interior openings are utilized by ants to infiltrate homes and commercial establishments that specialize in food. Restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, and bakeries are at the highest risk of ant infestation.

Do Ants Contaminant A Food Supply?

If it is possible, ants will infiltrate your non-refrigerated food supply. Homes with vulnerable non-perishable food storage systems are at a high risk of ant infiltration. When ants infiltrate food supplies, they contaminate them with fecal material and other debris picked up along their travels. It is unfortunate when a member of the household unknowingly ingests the ant-contaminated food, resulting in digestive issues.

Ant-borne illnesses are generally mild, with the tendency to be severe in people with chronic illnesses.

How Should I Approach Extermination Safely When Ants Are Inside My Home?

Ants are dedicated insects, you can kill them one right after another and they will keep coming. It is all about survival for ants. When these insects are tasked with providing food for an entire colony, there is not much they will not do.

Once your home is infested with ants, the only option is professional pest control. Our certified pest control technicians treat each ant infestation with the utmost care. The process is initiated with a visual inspection of the impacted home or business.

Our inspection is not limited to one or two rooms, but every room in residential or commercial establishments. We meticulously inspect pantries, silverware drawers, counters, cabinets, underneath sinks, and inside vulnerable appliances. Anywhere ants can find food is where we inspect.

Data collected through the inspection is utilized to devise a solid pest control strategy that is guaranteed to deliver the best results. To learn more about our ant management services, we suggest reaching out to our Louisville-based extermination team.

Will Homemade Pesticides Fully Eradicate An Ant Colony?

No, ant colonies with thousands of members are extremely difficult to fully exterminate. Homemade pesticide remedies may be effective in killing a few handfuls of ants but will do little to nothing to get rid of a colony.

Our industrial-strength pesticides are highly effective in exterminating large colonies of ants when they are divided into several groups. Worker ants are known to temporarily separate from the colony in search of a new food supply. When this happens, there are basically two colonies of ants to eradicate. Unfortunately, over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides are standard-grade formulas that are not guaranteed to wipe out an ant infestation.

How Long Does Your Ant Control Service Processing Take?

All service requests are treated on a first-come, first-service basis, especially during the peak ant season – in the late fall and late spring. Since ants overwinter during the winter season, there is generally not activity to speak of. Once the insects come out of the overwintering state, they become very active – breeding, foraging for food, and repairing and building nests and tunnels.

Worker ants are always busy during the peak season, while the queen is busy breeding and reproducing. Winged swarmer ants spend most of their time preparing for the day when they leave their colonies behind. Winged swarmers are responsible for ensuring the ant species never go extinct.

We need between 12 and 24 hours to process your pest control service request off-ant season.

Does Ant Pesticide Pose Harmful To Humans?

Yes, when improperly administered, transported, and stored. We highly suggest, heeding the manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid unnecessary exposure. We prohibit our pest control technicians from treating ant-infested homes while they are still occupied. During the initial consultation, you and your family will be asked to vacate the home prior to each chemical pesticide treatment.

Our pest control product line consists of only brands that have gone through the legal channels to see approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How Can I Protect My Home And Family From Another Ant Infiltration?

It cannot be stressed enough, the ant is one of the most diligent insect species on the planet. These insects are determined to survive in the human habitat. When food is scarce outdoors, ants will infiltrate the living space of humans in search of a new food supply. Ant infiltration would not be possible without one or more exterior-to-interior entry points into your home. To fully protect your home from a secondary infiltration of ants, doing away with all entry points is a necessity.

Be sure to reach out to our Louisville extermination team to learn more about our ant management services.

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