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Spiders are common pests in your area. They are arthropods that have eight legs. Some spiders have six eyes, but others have eight eyes. You’ll also find that they have unique fangs that allow them to inject venom into their victims. Spiders can build webs by releasing silk from their bellies. Although most spiders live alone, some live in communal webs. Spiders in the latter category can live with 50,000 or more spiders. Spiders can live 25 years or longer when being kept in a safe environment. In their natural habitat, they usually survive for a few years. Female spiders are larger than male spiders, but males have larger fangs.

Spiders Are Dangerous

Many consumers believe that spiders are the most dangerous household pest. However, this may not be the case. Some spiders are indeed dangerous, but not all of them are. Instead, 99% of bites will be harmless. With the majority of spider bites, you won’t be injected with venom and you won’t get ill. Still, there is always a risk that you will experience adverse reactions.

What Does A Home Have Spiders?

There are only two major reasons that your home or office could be infested with spiders. As you learned earlier, it could be mating season and the males might just be looking for mates. Other than this, it could be that the spider is simply looking for a dark, moist area to hang out and gather insects.

Getting Rid Of Spiders! When To Call In The Pros

The very best way to eliminate spiders in the home is by eliminating the presence outside the home. This might sound more complicated than expected, but it starts with a game plan. Removing rocks, woodpiles, compost piles, and other sheltering debris sites that could be housing spiders. Look for cracks and crevices near the foundation of the building. Filling such areas with mortar or caulking is also a good tactic. Filling these areas can help with the elimination and migration of the species.

Sealing your doors and keeping crawl spaces free of debris, moisture, and other potential hiding places is a surefire way to ensure that you keep your structure spider-free. These are all things that a local, friendly Louisville pest management professional can help with. Anytime you suspect you are dealing with spiders and are unsure how to proceed will be the best time to call in the pros. If you just have a question, you can all in the pros. Most Louisville pest management professionals will be more than glad to assist and are always standing by.

Our Treatments Protect Everyone

We strive to provide our clients with safe treatments. Our technicians use EPA-registered products to guarantee your safety. We avoid using dangerous chemicals because we sincerely care about keeping you safe.

When Can Help Arrive?

Most Louisville pest management professionals stay pretty busy all year round, but they are diligent and dedicated to their customers. After making initial contact and requesting a visit, you can expect to see a tech out at the home or structure within at least 24 to 48 hours.

Is It Possible To Prevent Future Infestations?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to completely eliminate your exposure to spiders. However, there are things that you can do to limit the likelihood of an infestation. As was mentioned earlier, the very best place to start is outside the structure. Start with reducing spider infestations outside the property. This is how they are getting in. Look for cracks and crevices they can crawl through. Look for things that might be drawing them to the home like moisture and other insects. Keeping your home clean can also go a long way. Elimination of clutter is a must as well as keeping grass neatly mowed to an acceptable level.

Remove existing spider webs and maintain a friendly, working relationship with the top Louisville pest management professionals. Setting up a preventive maintenance schedule can help as well.

What About Brown Recluse Spiders?

While all spiders are feared by people from all around the world, it is the brown recluse that is the most well-known. This is the one that most people worry about more than others because it is one of the most deadly insects in the world. One bite can be lethal. That being said, these spiders are a rarity in the Louisville area. We set out to prove this in 2018 and our techs revealed, we were right.

We had a team of entomologists offer a reward to anyone that could produce samples of the brown recluse. We didn’t even ask for live samples, as procuring one could be deadly. We were even willing to accept photos as proof. While we did receive some confirmation of infestations in the area, here is what we mostly uncovered with our little study in Louisville:

  • The species is a true rarity in the region
  • The structures that were infested with this species had received shipments and boxes from parts of the world where the species is commonly known
  • It takes a specific type of environment for the brown recluse to survive
  • There were no reported infestations outside, which means its highly unlikely that anyone has been bitten while gardening or camping
  • The homes that did have confirmed infestations all had children. None of the children exhibited any signs and symptoms of illnesses
  • The species is extremely timid and non-aggressive. Bits would likely be defensive
  • Adjacent properties to the infested properties did not report infestations
  • The brown recluse is most commonly mistaken for the funnel weaver or grass spider
  • There is nothing wrong with having a natural fear of spiders. However, you do not have to fear brown recluses in Louisville

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