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Require A Bed Bug Exterminator In Louisville KY? Look No Further!

Are you in need of a good bed bug pest control company in Louisville KY? We sincerely sympathize with your current situation and understand firsthand how frustrating your situation truly is. If you speak with a professional exterminator, they’ll tell you immediately that bed bugs are an annoyance and slightly frightening, but they’re not actually dangerous. Nonetheless, we understand that you’ll want to get those bugs out of your home as quickly as possible. There is no better way to deal with the bed bug in Louisville KY than by working with our company. We offer the most effective solutions and will do our best to ensure you receive a budget-friendly price.

Below, you’ll learn about your bed bug treatment options in Louisville KY and more.

Inspection And Identification

Whether or not you know it, bed bugs are surprisingly difficult to spot. Many homeowners will live with bedbugs for several weeks, before they ever detect their presence. Others won’t realize that their homes have been infested, until they begin to notice bedbug bites on their bodies. The best way to identify bedbugs is by utilizing the services of a bed bug inspection company in Louisville KY. We offer such a service and will be able to utilize specially trained dogs to sniff out your home and spot the pests.

By utilizing our inspection service, you will be able to confirm that your home is indeed infested, before paying for the treatment. Below, you’ll find a list of other ways to identify bedbugs.

  • Bedbugs are nasty critters and tend to leave behind lots of waste. Red bloodstains and brown excrements marks are a sure sign that your home has been infested
  • If red welt-like marks appear on your body, it is highly likely that you’re suffering from bedbug bites.
  • Does your bedroom smell musty? If so, you may very well be dealing with bedbugs.

It is possible to spot live bedbugs, but most people will notice an infestation when the bugs begin sucking their food.

Identifying Common Household Pests

Most homeowners are familiar with some of the common household pests, but they are still unable to identify them. Well, this is where an experienced bed bug removal exterminator in Louisville, KY will come in handy. This professional will be able to identify the pest that is taking over your home. Each pest has different characteristics and behaviorism this is basically how they are identified. Only an expert would be familiar with this information and they are more than willing to share it with you.

Once the technician goes over the basics of the infestation, you may still have some unanswered questions. While, bedbugs are very difficult to detect, they can be found hiding away in bed linen, mattresses, baseboards, electrical outlets, and small crevices. The technician will guide you to the bedbug nest, so you can see the infestation for yourself. If you have any questions, regarding the treatment process please feel free to speak with our well-qualified technicians.


Treatment Options

We understand that everyone lives on a specific financial budget. For this reason, we offer an array of treatment options, with varying prices for you to choose from. We will gladly sit down with you to explain each of these treatments and exactly how they work.

Why You Should Select Us As Your Bed Bug Exterminator In Louisville KY

You truly have an abundance of options, when looking for an exterminator within the city of Louisville. However, we believe it would be a major mistake, if you were to go anywhere else. We have more experience than our competitions and will treat you and your family with the upmost respect. After having served Louisville for an extensive duration, the local residents feel like a member of our family and we’ll treat them as such. Additional reasons for utilizing our services can be found below.

  • We have more experience than anyone else. Our technicians have been there and done that. They’ve seen it all and will be able to deal with any pest problem no matter how bad it is.
  • Our company believes in providing our clients with a safe, but reliable, solution. This is why will only utilize heat to eliminate bedbugs. This solution is the best and will not put you and your family in harm’s way.
  • We go to great efforts to provide you with as much reassurance as possible. One way we do this is by drug testing and background checking our workers. We want to eliminate problems before they can occur and believe these steps will help us do that just.
  • With us, you’ll never have to worry about your friends and neighbors finding out about your problem. Our extermination can be carried out covertly, so those residing around you will never know about it!
  • We’ll do the best to provide you with the lowest cost possible.
  • Our company is completely insured and licensed. We abide by all state laws and regulations, so you can receive the best service and experience possible!
  • We sincerely want to provide you and your family with the results that you desire. If something goes wrong on the first attempt, we’ll do it again for free of charge!

When You Detect Bedbugs In Your Home, Be Sure To Give Us A Call!

We understand the stress that you are feeling right now, which is why we offer an array of bedbug services. Our technicians are always on standby to service you and eradicate your bedbug infestation. Please feel free to contact one of our representatives to schedule your free in-home estimate.