Bed Bug Inspection- How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Are you waking up in the morning with bites marks and fear that you are suffering from bed bugs? Do your neighbors have bed bugs and you are worried that your home might be infested? You are right to be worried about this situation, because once bed bugs infest your home they are very hard to eliminate. However, just because you are waking up with bite marks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs can travel from home to home, but a neighbor’s infestation doesn’t always equate to your home being infested as well. Bed bug inspection companies in Louisville KY

Understanding Bed Bug Bites


It is possible that your home could be infected and you don’t even know it. In fact, some people do not even show any symptoms after being bitten by bed bugs. The individuals that do show bite marks mean that their bodies are having a reaction to the chemicals in the bug’s saliva. Do not freak out just yet. Bed bugs are not known to carry any disease. However, if you scratch a bite enough, it is possible that the bite will become infected. You best bet it to avoid scratching at all costs.

Visual Inspection Of Sleeping And Resting Areas


The only true way to know that your home is infected is if you can procure a sample of the bug. Of course, this is much harder than it sounds, because these little critters are pretty crafty when it comes to hiding. These bugs are capable of hiding in the smallest and most inconspicuous spot. Sometimes, they will even hide in nail holes in the wall. However, you do have one thing working in your favor. Bed bugs usually like to live near their victims. So, if you are going to find a bug, you are going to find it in your bedroom or sleeping area.

You want to make sure that you perform a visual inspection of your mattress, beneath the sheets, behind the headboards, in the corners of the box springs, your nightstand, and even under the bed. Keep in mind that it is possible that you can miss the bugs during visual inspection, because they are tiny. In fact, their bodies are about the size of an apple seed. If you are unable to spot a live bedbug, you might have to resort to installing detection devices.

Interception Devices And Active Monitors


Interception devices and active monitors are two tools that are used by many professional bed bug inspection companies in Louisville KY. Interception devices will be installed under the legs of your beds, couches, sofas, and other furniture. These devices will contain a talcum like powder that will attract the bugs. Once they are in the device, they will be trapped and unable to get out.

Active monitors are almost the same thing except for the fact that they use a CO2 chemical lure and tend to be a bit more expensive, because they are newer to the market. Both techniques will prove to be very effective and will let you know precisely when to take action!