Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

As summer quickly approaches, more and more families are gathering together to plan their dream summer vacations. Maybe you are planning your next big business trip. Whatever the situation, there isn’t much as exciting. That being said, one does need to be aware of the dangers that face them today when traveling. Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats today is bed bugs. This is exactly where the SLEEP theory can come in handy.


SLEEP begins with the letter S and in this instance, it means to survey. Survey your hotel room for signs of an infestation. Just because you are staying at the Ritz or some other five-star hotel, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe from bed bugs. Bed bugs do not discriminate when it comes to income. Rich, poor, or medium-class, they’ll invade you. Bugs have been found in some of the cleanest, highest-class hotels. Another thing to keep in mind is that large infestations oftentimes leave behind sweet, musty smells. This will be something similar to that of soda pop syrup. You can also keep an eye out for reddish-brown spots on the sheets.


The L might be the second letter in the theory, but it is so important that it has two meanings. Those meanings are to lift and to look. This means to not just visually inspect the hotel for the presence of bed bugs but to get in there and lift and look under items. Lift the mattress, look under the bedsprings, and check any of the other common known hiding spots for bed bugs. Whatever the situation, you will not be sorry you took the extra time. Check behind the pictures, check the furniture, check torn wallpaper, behind baseboards, and anywhere you can think that bed bugs might be lurking.


The first E in the SLEEP theory represents elevation. This one is pretty ingenious when you think about it. It means to first come in and inspect the hotel’s luggage rack. Most luggage racks are installed up high near the bathroom or closet. Being that it is up high, it’ll make it harder for bed bugs to reach it. Much harder than if it was just sitting on the floor. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, but they cannot inhabit what they cannot reach. Inspect the luggage rack, place your luggage up high, and then continue your search with the rest of the room. Don’t just blindly move into the room and start unpacking your luggage in the closet or drawers.


The second E of the theory is just as important as the first. It might even be more ingenious than the first, as it means examination. Now, if you are like most people you are probably thinking, haven’t I already examined the room during the first stage of this process? Yes, you have, but this means to examine your luggage before heading home. Just because you didn’t find any bed bugs before you moved into the room, it doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t there. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are infected. This is why you want to take the extra time to examine your luggage and belongings before repacking them. Be sure you don’t bring home an infestation with you.


The last letter of the theory is P and it represents placement. It is a step that truly ties the entire theory together. It represents placement and what this means is, at your first opportunity throw your belongings in the washer and wash them in the hottest water possible. When completed, dry them on the highest setting possible. Bed bug’s bodies begin to dehydrate and die out at a little over 100 degrees. If you can wash your clothes in the water this hot and then dry them in temperatures even hotter, you can rest assured that you won’t be bringing an infestation back into your household. Bed bug infestation can be extremely hard to deal with and this is why it oftentimes takes the assistance of a trained professional. A trained professional with the experience and know-how to handle, equip, and use the chemicals needed to eradicate these pests. There are likely tons available in your general vicinity, but you’ll still want to be careful when choosing a company to handle your problems. Not all of them will offer the same quality services. If you are unfortunate enough to bring back a bed bug infestation home with you after your travels, make sure you take the time to research and survey your local providers. Make sure you choose one that is willing to bend to your every whim and need. If you need them there during the after hours or on the weekends, make sure they are willing to show up. Make sure they are willing to do what it takes to make you happy. That’s the key to finding a reputable and reliable pest management company.