Stream Treatment

When it comes to effective and efficient ways of dealing with bed bugs today, it is hard to beat the heat treatment. This is an excellent treatment that kills bed bugs effectively while limiting the potential threats to your family and property. This type of treatment was specifically designed to kill bed bugs in their track before they can cause any more damage to your home and mental well-being. This might sound funny to some people, but you’d be surprised at the mental effects these bugs have on some individuals. Some people find that they can’t sleep for days after learning that their homes are infected.

As effective as bed bug steam treatments are, they do have their limitations. Their limitation is, they are contact treatments. What exactly does this mean? It means that it kills the bugs on contact. There is no residual effect after the job is done. Any bugs left lingering behind will survive and go on to reproduce. Although not completely foolproof, steam treatments are one of the more affordable and effective solutions for homeowners.

How Exactly Does Steam Treatment Work For Killing Bed Bugs?

All in all, the theory behind the steam treatment is pretty straightforward and simple. It just involves the release of high levels of high-temperature steam heat. This steam heat is applied in areas where bed bugs have been spotted and it’ll kill them on contact. The one major problem with this type of treatment is that it is not residual. In addition to this, it’s not effective at penetrating through specific surfaces. Bed bugs hiding in dressers, in the walls, and behind baseboards will likely survive. That being said, stream treatments are excellent for furniture, mattresses, and other materials that are trickier to handle or throw away. The steam kills these bugs instantly, but won’t damage the above-mentioned items, unlike other treatment options.

A More Eco-Friendly Option

Steam is one of today’s more eco-friendly options. And, this is because it doesn’t involve the utilization of chemicals. It just uses heat and steam. You don’t have to worry about using these treatments where children and pets are involved. Pets and children will be safe before and after the treatment.

There are some companies today that rent commercial steamers and many homeowners have attempted steam treatments all on their own. However, this is a process that is best left to the professional. This is because there is much more to the treatment than just applying heat to potentially infected areas. You have to possess an innate understanding of where bed bugs live. Knowing how to find them and force them out of hiding will be key to success since there is no residual effect.

As with an infestation, these bugs are going to scurry once exposed, which increases the likelihood they’ll get away and survive. There are tons of Louisville pest management professionals that specialize in steam treatments. They’ve been offering these types of treatments since their inception and understand everything there is to know about them. They know how to most effectively utilize these treatments. When dealing with steam treatments, make sure you choose a company with this kind of familiarity with the treatment.

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